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Scenery Profiler is now Open Source

Hi All

Due to very popular demand, I decided to make Scenery Profiler an Open Source Project.
EveryBody can now download, modify and use Scenery Profiler as needed.
So, this is now becoming an open source software that can be found at this address:

I hope some improvements can bring new capabilities to this software and will be very helpfull to all the Flight Simulation community.

I hope this will become a greater software by making the community making it more and more powerfull.

Have a great time enjoying it !

Scenery Profiler 1.5

Hi All

I’m glad to announce you the official release of Scenery Profiler version 1.5.1.
This version corrects a few bugs that occur during database install.

There is no more need for a serial key since version 1.5.0, however, fsPilotShop was still distributing a prior and thus incorrect version.

For those who bought it from fsPilotshop and encountered the serial key problem, here is how to resolve:

1 – Uninstall any previous version
2 – Delete the C:\ProgramData\Scenery Profiler directory
3 – install the new version.

For others users, there are no major bugs fixes so you can still use your current version.

The release is available here for download (either as a .zip file or a .exe file):

Have fun !!!

Scenery Profiler is now in top 3 !!!

Hello all of you.

It’s a real pleasure to see Scenery Profiler is now in the top 3 best sold in flight simulation software on fsPilot web site !!!

I hope all users are now enjoying a great experience using this software.

Hope this is going up again in the ranking !!!

Happy flying to all of you !!!

Scenery Profiler’s becoming a FreeWare !!!

Hello guys and ladies

I’m proud to tell you that from today, the new release of Scenery Profiler (aka. version 1.5.0) becomes a freeware.

I better say it becomes a DonationWare. That mean that you can use it totally freely, and if this tools interest you, you are kindly invited to make a donation for the work I did for this software.

Not only, it’s becoming a freeware, it also prepared itself as a compatible software, ready to use with Prepar3D v5.
Incredible isn’t it ?

Feel free to download it in the download section of this site, or alternatively on google drive, at this address:

Scenery Profiler 1.5.0

Existing users will have an automatic upgrade to the database 1.3 to 1.5.

Don’t hesitate to post on any subject you want about Scenery Profiler in the forum section

I need your Advice !!!!

Dear members, ladies and guy, i’m in the process of developping a new software that will link your Virtual Airline (If you are part of any  VA…) to Profesionnal Flight Plan also named PFPX

I’m actually capable of importing shecdules from my VA Financial account to my Pfpx flight planning software. However, I’d like to make a first release with some other add-ons than VA Financials.

This is why I put this poll in place tonight as I wish to know how many of you are using differents Virtual Company Softwares.

I actually in my poll ask for only two options: VA Financials or other. If you vote for other please, specify in your comment what is your virtual company software so that I can release a first version with at least the Three or fourth used VA Scheduler.
Your different answer will become then a part of the poln answers and help me in the writing of this new software.

Thank you for your patience, and please be as precise as possible in your answers.

Thanks to you all !!!

Do you fly in a VA, and so what is your VA client ?

View Results

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Enter the competition to win a Scenery Profiler Licence for free !!!

Hello dear customers, guys and ladies,

we are now approaching the 1847th members and I decided to make a sort of « competition » for the 2000th member.
This very particular person, not choosen by hazard, but choosen in the order of  its registration will be granted a free Scenery Profiler Licence for version 1.x.

This person will have the choice to use his/her licence as he/her whishes. He or She may for example transfert its licence to a friend, or anybody else if he/she don’t want/need to use it for himself/herslve.

So dear new members, be aware of that price who will be given in a few days !!!

Happy luck to all of you !!!

Scenery Profiler is out now !

Dear customers

I’m happy to annouce the release of version 1.4.3 which correct a few bug and also bring new improvments to the software.

This version add these functionnalities:
– Correct a bug saying database is lockecd when sending a report.
– added a « Send a complete error report » button on the tools windows
– application now tries to elevate to administrator rights at startup (when not set on the properties window)

As usual it can be downloaded on google drive:

12.90€ – Scenery Profiler 1.4.3 TVA Incluse de 10%

Happy Flying to all of you

New enhancements available soon …

Hi Guys and ladies,

As long as the user community grows, new problems are discovered in the code I originately wrote.
Most of the problem are coming from the fact that a few of you didn’t undersdood that the Scenery Profiler must run in « administrator mode ». In that case, most of times, nothing appear after registration and nothing tells you what was wrong or not. This part will be getting better in the next release.

So the next development stage will be to let the application gain itselve the admin rights, for those who forget the first asumption which is to give admin rights to the application.

The second step will be in the path detection of your scenery.cfg file and/or (for prepar4d users) to be sure I get all the add-ons.xml files recognize by the application. There are so many different types of installation that, approximately, for 5% of you, things are going wrong and are not showing that the base scenery exists …

The third step will consist in sending an error report containing all the information I need to help you with a single button. instead of going into the process of running three diagnosis tabs and then copy and paste them into one single mail.

I will let you know within the next days how theses steps are going on, and I promise that in less than a week, a new release will be delivered.

Gratefully, kind regards to all of you !

You’are all now member of an 1.550 users website !!!

Hi Guys and Ladies

I’m proud to tell you that you are now a member of a huge growing community of  more than 1.550 users.

You can be proud of that, as I am, because this let me know I have a Great responsability over all of you.
This responsability is mainly to bring you support to the actual « Scenery Profiler » Software which, for sure, is very usefull to all of you.

Lire la suite

I’m on leave for 7 days ….

Hi Guys and ladies,

As christmas and the new year are approaching, i’ll be out of word for 7 days from the 23th to the 30th December.
So please, if any of you buy a licence for Scenery Profiler, don’t be afraid your licence will be activated as soons as i will return home.

I hope most of you will do the same thing as me. Some of you going to snowing moutains, other will go to their familly and probably some other go to a hot and warn country with withe sans beaches.

In any case, I wish you a good leave, it’s time to empower your batteries again ….
I also think to those who can’t, for any reason, leave during these period.

See you next all !!!!
and Happy flying to all of you !!!

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