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Mois : décembre 2018

Scenery Profiler is now Open Source

Hi All

Due to very popular demand, I decided to make Scenery Profiler an Open Source Project.
EveryBody can now download, modify and use Scenery Profiler as needed.
So, this is now becoming an open source software that can be found at this address:

I hope some improvements can bring new capabilities to this software and will be very helpfull to all the Flight Simulation community.

I hope this will become a greater software by making the community making it more and more powerfull.

Have a great time enjoying it !

Scenery Profiler 1.5

Hi All

I’m glad to announce you the official release of Scenery Profiler version 1.5.1.
This version corrects a few bugs that occur during database install.

There is no more need for a serial key since version 1.5.0, however, fsPilotShop was still distributing a prior and thus incorrect version.

For those who bought it from fsPilotshop and encountered the serial key problem, here is how to resolve:

1 – Uninstall any previous version
2 – Delete the C:\ProgramData\Scenery Profiler directory
3 – install the new version.

For others users, there are no major bugs fixes so you can still use your current version.

The release is available here for download (either as a .zip file or a .exe file):

Have fun !!!

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