Hello guys and ladies

I’m proud to tell you that from today, the new release of Scenery Profiler (aka. version 1.5.0) becomes a freeware.

I better say it becomes a DonationWare. That mean that you can use it totally freely, and if this tools interest you, you are kindly invited to make a donation for the work I did for this software.

Not only, it’s becoming a freeware, it also prepared itself as a compatible software, ready to use with Prepar3D v5.
Incredible isn’t it ?

Feel free to download it in the download section of this site, or alternatively on google drive, at this address:

Scenery Profiler 1.5.0

Existing users will have an automatic upgrade to the database 1.3 to 1.5.

Don’t hesitate to post on any subject you want about Scenery Profiler in the forum section