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I need your Advice !!!!

Dear members, ladies and guy, i’m in the process of developping a new software that will link your Virtual Airline (If you are part of any  VA…) to Profesionnal Flight Plan also named PFPX

I’m actually capable of importing shecdules from my VA Financial account to my Pfpx flight planning software. However, I’d like to make a first release with some other add-ons than VA Financials.

This is why I put this poll in place tonight as I wish to know how many of you are using differents Virtual Company Softwares.

I actually in my poll ask for only two options: VA Financials or other. If you vote for other please, specify in your comment what is your virtual company software so that I can release a first version with at least the Three or fourth used VA Scheduler.
Your different answer will become then a part of the poln answers and help me in the writing of this new software.

Thank you for your patience, and please be as precise as possible in your answers.

Thanks to you all !!!

Do you fly in a VA, and so what is your VA client ?

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  1. Of course, I didn’t noticed it, but every single and original suggestion will receive a free licence for this new brand software !!!

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