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Enter the competition to win a Scenery Profiler Licence for free !!!

Hello dear customers, guys and ladies,

we are now approaching the 1847th members and I decided to make a sort of « competition » for the 2000th member.
This very particular person, not choosen by hazard, but choosen in the order of  its registration will be granted a free Scenery Profiler Licence for version 1.x.

This person will have the choice to use his/her licence as he/her whishes. He or She may for example transfert its licence to a friend, or anybody else if he/she don’t want/need to use it for himself/herslve.

So dear new members, be aware of that price who will be given in a few days !!!

Happy luck to all of you !!!


Scenery Profiler is out now !


I need your Advice !!!!


  1. And the winner is: jkturneriii@xxxxxxx

    He has been registered on the wednedsday the 7th of march and I’am now waiting for his/her return to know if he or she wants to keep the free licence for him/herselve.
    With no feedback from him in the next few days, I price will go to the next registred user.

    I’m proud to say the site now reach the 2.100 registered users !!!
    Thanks to all for participating this competition !

    Update: I have no news in any way of the winner of this challenge. So, in two days, precisely next wednesday, another winner will be designated.
    This (eventually) new winner will of course be the next registrant after the actual winner.
    This won’t be a random price.

    Stay up to day guys, you’ll probably be the next choosen in the list !!!

    Happy regards to all of you !!!!

  2. Hello guys and ladies

    The initial winner didn’t answer in the two last week I decided so to design a second winner, which was the 2001st registered user.
    As I’ve got no answer from him too, I will release the price to the next person sending a mail to

    Be quick, be the first !!!!
    Hapy chance to the one who wil get this price !!!

    Kind regards to all !!!

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