Hi Guys and ladies,

As long as the user community grows, new problems are discovered in the code I originately wrote.
Most of the problem are coming from the fact that a few of you didn’t undersdood that the Scenery Profiler must run in « administrator mode ». In that case, most of times, nothing appear after registration and nothing tells you what was wrong or not. This part will be getting better in the next release.

So the next development stage will be to let the application gain itselve the admin rights, for those who forget the first asumption which is to give admin rights to the application.

The second step will be in the path detection of your scenery.cfg file and/or (for prepar4d users) to be sure I get all the add-ons.xml files recognize by the application. There are so many different types of installation that, approximately, for 5% of you, things are going wrong and are not showing that the base scenery exists …

The third step will consist in sending an error report containing all the information I need to help you with a single button. instead of going into the process of running three diagnosis tabs and then copy and paste them into one single mail.

I will let you know within the next days how theses steps are going on, and I promise that in less than a week, a new release will be delivered.

Gratefully, kind regards to all of you !