Hi Guys and Ladies

I’m proud to tell you that you are now a member of a huge growing community of  more than 1.550 users.

You can be proud of that, as I am, because this let me know I have a Great responsability over all of you.
This responsability is mainly to bring you support to the actual « Scenery Profiler » Software which, for sure, is very usefull to all of you.

Keep your membership in the right place because it will in a few months lead you to a new product, totally rewritten due to your remarks, and the usage you are making of it.

Beeing a membership will give you some  advantages, but I can’t tell more for now.

Also, some other softwares are actually in development phase, and I’m glad to tell you that the next big output will be a Virtual Airway Scheduling software.

Unfortunately this one will be only available to VAFS software in it’s first edition.
This software will be extendable through plugins, that you can write yourself in order to support your VA Scheduler software you are actually using.
(However, if any of you uses anything else than VAFS, you’re welcome to register me in your virtual company, and let me know the software you are using to schedule your flights, thus let me capable of developping the add-on as it needs to be. The email address that can be used to register me is: support@sceneryprofiler.org).

This next software will be a great piece or work, letting you the choice to import ALL, or filtered part of your VA Schedules into PFPX.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, register me in your virtual company as this will permit all to have a complete Schedule « extractor » software from your VA.

I’ll be glad to hear about your return about this idea, and please, donn’t remember if in any case you need help, I’ll be there to help you.

(Also please don’t forget I’m living in GMT+1 so if you live ine a GMT+12 area, answers will not come back immediately)

I’m glad to see this community growing.

Let’s go on guys and let us have as much fun as possible !!!!