Hi Guys and Ladies.
I’m happy to announce you the next release  of version 1.3.0 which will bring  some supplementay tools to check and eventually repair your failed, or incorrect add-ons setup.

A few bugs will be corrected into this version, like for example the database upgrade which in some case doesnt’ occur (silently) and lead toiu to some Add-ons empty trees.

I should say that theses situations are not correctly managed at this time but, will be of course updated and reinforced durind the next released.

Anyway, If you don’t feel happy with this product (I do not hope you will !!!!) I can garantee you a full cashbask capabylity.

Just send a mail to support@sceneryprofiler.org and I will give you cash back as soon as you cliam it: Of course in that case your licence key will be invalidated and you won’t be capable, in anyway, of using Scenery Profiler software.

For all those s who are still be confident in our Work,, we just ask you to send us as much more information about your problem. We will be very incolved into the goal of letting you use this software as it should do.
My goal is not to become a millionnaire, in the next few month.
I just write software that are usefull to me and, I hope, very usefull to you …

So all of you, guys and ladies be aware of the next message annoucing the next release of Scenery Profiler !!!

(Remember, this will be version 1.3.0.)

Kind regards to you all !!!