Hi folks,

As I announced a few days ago, the scenery profiler web site and the according facebook page are going to dye …

That’s of course a temporary state and we will be soon reborn with a new name which is “http://www.flightsim-dreamdesigner.com/”

Of course, it’s a great job to create  new modern and adapted design for the new website, but it will be also a challenge to move all the content initially published on sceneryprofiler.com.

I will have to make a new brand design, move all the actual users to the new site and all, and all…

This goal, I hope, will be achieve in a few days and a permanent redirection will bring you directly from sceneryprofiler.com to www.flightsim-dreamdesigner.com/

You will all have the chance to get a free airport (small but somehow usefull for people living in it’s corner) and a new VASheduler software which is designed to move your VA Airlines to Pfpx with as much as two mouse clicks.

Log, the get your schedules, filter them if needed, and export them to pfpx.
As simple as that.

We also made a choice to keep the English language the only usual language for our website.
That’s basically because our customers are 95% english fluents (or event native and at ease with this language)
I hope to be skilled enough to publish articles in English that everybody can understand easilly.

I hope to meet you soon in this new world of simulations software add-ons that will ease your everyday pain, preparing your flights !!!!

Kind greatings to all, and keep informed about our next future.