Hi Guys, (and ladies)

I wanted to make sure you are up to date with what we are doing now, and what will happen in the next future.
Actually, the Scenery Profiler product is going into it’s version 1.2 release which will include support for prepar3d and prepar4d add-on.xml system.

This was actually completely out of my mind that the limit of Scenery.cfg file was up to 999 scenery add-ons. One of my customer point me to this limit and I have been totally surprised to see that the add-on.xml « system » was activated since version 3 of prepar3d..

Of course, I supposed many of you don’t have so much sceneries add-ons. However, I had to keep this in count, and adapt my software to this « extension system ».

It’s actually done and under testing.
This new 1.2 version will be available in a few days. All of the registered user of this web site will be up to date and informed when this new version will be availabke

On another side, I am writing a new software that will be very usefull to people who are members of virtual airlines.
This new product will be called VAScheduler and it’s purpose will be be to import your VA shedules into pfpx, in their whole parts or filtered parts if you decide to do so.
The first version of it will only support VAFinancials (VAFS5.x). But as this software will be construct on a « plugin system », it will be very easy to import VA schedules coming from other softwares, as long as I can understand how that data is coming out of your virtual airline. If some of you are using different VA software management, I will be very gratefull if you register me as a user so that I can study how your « VA system » works.

Another point is that Scenery Profiler will soon change it’s name to become  something like Flight Sim Dream Design according to the different software we are going to sell.

Scenery Profler was, at it’s origin, only designed and choosen for this specific software. However, we are now enlarging our offer and this premium site and product name will not correspond to the future of our products.

So, please keep cool and stay informed about the next future that will, for sure, bring a lot of improvments to your flight sim experience.

Sincerely yours.