Dear friends, version of Scenery Profiler is near it’s final release.
But, before this publication can be done, we have to test our software. Also, we must translate it into several differerent languages.

That’s why, we, the Scenery Profiler team invite you to become a beta tester and/or translator for this first version.
Selected candidates will be selected according to their different locations, equipments and flight simulator software used.

All candidates will receive a response, even negative, because some of our constraint for testing will be fullfill according to our criterias.
Selected candidates will have their licence offered for version 1.x, with no time limit.

Each licence is available for a specific version. A licence for version will then still be valid for next version, until the next version (eg. 2.x.x.x.) will be published

You can now offer your services specifying:
– Computer materials you are using (eg. Motherboard, graphic card, memory, and all the rest)
– The simulator you are using.
– The language you are capable to use.

Don’t hesitate anymore, and plase contact us at: .
We will answer you as sooooon as possible.

All the Scenery Profiler Team !